Not cooking, not cleaning, not shopping

I really let last week’s nasty weather get to me – it was a cruddy week.  But come Saturday, it wasn’t raining (only really cold), so I started working on my front garden.  It was a MESS.  Sunday was the same, so I kept plugging away.  And today was actually sunny!  Three days of gardening (but no cooking, cleaning or anything else).

Those of you who know me know that the last couple of years have been rough for me – yucky family stuff.  Gardening was one of the things I neglected.

But that’s all changed!  And nothing will explain it better than some pictures…

Before it’s finished, but after removing all the hostas and ferns


The small petunia plants (and Miss A’s two strawberries) are the only plants that were purchased (petunia’s were from Miss A for Mother’s Day).  The rest was transplanted from my island bed, which I’m getting rid of.  The lilies and daylilies aren’t at their peak, but I’m hoping they’ll perk up after some tlc.  I think it’s gonna look FABULOUS after everything’s blooming.

I’m VERY excited about my soaker hose.  Mr T bought me the hose for Mother’s Day (it’s what I wanted).  My Grandpa R and Mr T installed a drip system for me a few years back, but it didn’t have enough attachments and it just wasn’t working out.

I made some super fancy hooks to secure the hose … Mr T was skeptical of what I was up to – but they worked!

Soaker Hose Holder Downers (made from coat hangers)

And here’s before and after pictures of the rest of it…



Maddie keeping me company (can you believe our lawn – what a disaster!?)

Mom, aren’t you proud of me?!  If you don’t go down to the comments section and tell me how great it looks RIGHT NOW I will be very sad.

Did I mention that I did all this BY MYSELF!  Did you see that amazing edge?

Maddie kept me company, of course.

I also used our fancy weed puller outer thingy and sucked 200 weeds out of our lawn.  It doesn’t look like I did anything at all.  It’s just too out of control out there … it’s not safe really.  Since we have some nasty, chemically Killex in the shed, I’m gonna use it.  Die weeds die!

I still have a few more plants to transplant out of the island bed (yay for daylilies) and then I think I’ll let Mr T dig that beast up.  It’s like a solid mat of weeds and turf.

And now it’s time for a cider and an epsom salt bath.  I hurt … everywhere.

Gardening Outfit

But before I go, I thought you might like to check out my ultra-stylish gardening outfit.  Are you jealous or what?  I diy’d that top from a t-shirt.

And can you see that my arms got a bit of sun?  SUN PEOPLE!

Oh dangit, the neighbours are putting out their yard waste … pick up must be tomorrow.  I guess I’d better do that first.

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