my life as an 8y old boy

i am silas, jennifer’s  nephew 8 years old and  pretty strong i  do wall walking monkey bars and parkour  stuff outside my fellow house. i am pretty strong although i play billions of video games.  Part 2 My stuff will be until later.



OK OK OK.  It’s been too long since my last letter.  But I haven’t been particularly energetic.  However, I have been up to a few things…

Today I cleaned my fridge AND a cupboard – so clean…

Clean fridge

Clean cupboard

Do you see that blue bottle on the top shelf that looks like shampoo?  Well, it’s coconut oil.  But what’s funny is that the opening is about 3 mm across.  And in my neck of the woods, coconut oil is a solid.  So I can’t get it out of the bottle.  I’m going to have to gently melt it and put it in a jar.  I think it was packaged for warmer climates … like the ones where the coconuts grow?

And that bottom shelf … 14 boxes of tea … which still isn’t enough … I need some peppermint … and some licorice.

And, here’s a picture of my blue fingernails.  I had lovely turquoise nail polish on and I just took it off tonight, but my nails are still stained very turquoise-ish.  Silly nail polish.  Is this their ploy to get me to use more?  I’ve never actually finished a bottle of nail polish in my life.  Has anyone?

Turquoise finger nails

What I’ve mostly been doing lately is geocaching … or preparing for geocaching … or thinking about geocaching.  I’ve finished a couple of tricky puzzle ones lately and spent way too much time doing so.  Here’s the area I’m working on.  The happy faces are all the ones I’ve finished so far.  Hopefully by the end of the summer there will only be happy faces :)

Geocaching progress

And really, there isn’t much more to say.  So that’ where I’ll end it. Love love!

Birthday Boy, Gardening & The Avengers

It’s late – so a super quick post.

I went to Leah’s to hang out for the day with her and Isaac.  I took him a cupcake for an after-breakfast snack.

Leah had to run a quick errand at the mall, so Isaac and I went to check out a little bobcat sweeper parked near a worker.  The worker told us Isaac could sit in it, so he did just that!.

We took Isaac to Wal-Mart and he picked out his birthday present.  He was pretty cute looking at all the cool stuff.  But once he found what he really wanted, a police station for his Matchbox cars, he didn’t change his mind.

Then we popped into my house for some hotdogs … which Leah and I thoroughly enjoyed … and Isaac ignored because his new police station was more exciting.

Then we headed out to go geocaching and once we reached our destination, I realized I’d forgotten the GPS.  Grrrrr.  So we walked around the little lake and watched some water skiers, which was fun, too.  Isaac rode his bike all the way around.  I was more upset about the forgotten GPS than he was.

Oh yeah … and then a stop for ice cream!

After I got home, I headed back into the backyard for some more gardening.  Thank you Mr. T for all your help!  It looks so nice.  I should finish up tomorrow and then I’ll do a little video.

And then a friend and I went to see The Avengers!  My Grandma R. would love it, what with the super heroes and aliens and all (NOT)!  You know you’re in for a fun ride, with quotes like this:

Call every lab you know, tell them to put the spectrometers on the roof and calibrate them for gamma rays. I’ll rough out a tracking algorithm based on cluster recognition.

And there you have it folks, May 29th in a nutshell.

P.S. I didn’t get to the curtain last night, but I DID finish my zombie book.  Maybe I’ll get to the curtain tomorrow…

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