The Chihuahua’s Birthday Party

That should be the title of a children’s book, should it not?

My baby turned 3 today! My baby is a Chihuahua named Maddie.

Usually we just snap a picture, post it on Facebook and it’s over.  But this year things got a little carried away…

Breakfast in Bed

Our family always serves the birthday boy or girl breakfast in bed.  I decided that Maddie needed the same treatment … mostly ’cause I thought the pictures would be hilarious.  So breakfast in bed it was!  She was a bit confused, but since it was her regular disgusting breakfast of raw meat and veggies, she didn’t waste any time scarfing it down.  The little slice of strawberry provided as a special treat took a bit more time … it was just too weird for her … but eventually that went down the hatch, too.  The umbrella drink just got a suspicious sniff.

Maddie the Chihuahua has breakfast in bed on her birthday.

“Mmmm, I love strawberries… Wait, what’s a strawberry?”


While chatting on the phone with my sister this morning, I mentioned that it was Maddie’s birthday.  She passed the news onto my nephew Isaac (age 5).

Awhile later he called me back and asked ever so sweetly, “Aunty Jennie, can we come to Maddie’s birthday party?”

What’s an Aunty supposed to say to that?  So, of course I ran to the grocery store for a cake mix (vanilla, ’cause chocolate isn’t good for dogs) and threw that thing in the oven.

Isaac helped me frost it and decorate it and he carefully arranged the candles “in a triangle”.  We sang Happy Birthday, Isaac blew out the candles and we all ATE CAKE!  Really, it was a decent excuse to have cake, which I’d been craving for days anyhow.

The birthday girl licks the beater.

“Oh my gosh, this is so embarrassing”

Birthday girl licks the candles

A chihuahua sized serving of cake

What?!  That’s all I get?

Miss A was NOT impressed with singing Happy Birthday to the dog (I assured her it was voluntary), but she was fine with the EATING CAKE part.

And last, but not least, Dear Isaac brought Maddie a doggy treat, wrapped up in tissue paper.  Apparently it’s the same tissue paper that he used to wrap a present for his Mommy earlier today … a used pair of her own undies.  Such a thoughtful little tike.  Maddie didn’t seem bothered about the twice used tissue paper.

Maddie gets a birthday present from her cousin


Things are finally back to normal … Maddie is curled up snoozing in my lap.


Isaac’s Birthday Party

I can’t believe little Ikey has turned 5 (well, he turns 5 on Tuesday), but today was his birthday party.  Ikey was very adamant that he wanted an Angry Birds birthday cake (Angry Birds is a game he plays on the iPhone).  A friend of Leah’s was going to make the decorations for the cake, but forgot :(

Luckily, I’d already planned to make a bunch of mini cupcakes in the theme’s colours.  So, I quickly created some little flags on the computer and the Angry Bird’s cake was saved!  And the (gluten-free) mini cupcakes were SO YUMMY.  One of the guests at the party told me he’d trade me wine for cupcakes any time (he’s a liquor sales rep).

Angry Birds Mini Cupcakes

Of course, I was 45 minutes late to the party.  I kinda dawdled my way through the morning and then panicked when I realized I was running out of time.

First, I rolled out of bed, grabbed the clothes I wore to church the night before, slapped a ball cap on my head and headed for Starbucks.  I was so excited to find out that a gift card I received had $25 on it.  I had a nice chat with the Starbucks barista.  I told him I’d only just got out of bed 12 minutes before.

Then I went to the grocery store and bought way more stuff than I’d planned (as usual).  Grocery shopping with a venti latte in hand is tricky.  I spent a bunch of time looking at crochet magazines, but managed to talk myself out of buying one.  I got home at 11:15 – the party was starting at 13:00 – and I still had to make the cupcakes!  Terry helped with sprinkles and fetching things and making the birthday card, etc.

Isaac opening his presents (with his cousin looking on)

Ikey’s party was a casual affair – lawn chairs in Leah’s driveway, with kids running and riding all over the place.  Ikey wiped out on his bike and somehow did a handstand before landing on his side (in the grass).  We all cheered like he did it on purpose and he gave the cutest little grin.

We just gave him some cash and I’m going to take him shopping for a present on Tuesday.  Click here for a little video of Isaac opening presents.

The birthday boy

Plans for the rest of the day:  clean up the kitchen and dig some holes for transplanting hostas to my backyard.

The cupcake mess I came home to.

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