Books and Dust Bunnies

Gosh, another rainy day with no gardening in site.  A perfect day to hole up and read The Zombie Survival Guide.  Apparently I have a lot of preparations to make; it’s really quite exhausting thinking about it.  Just being eaten and getting it over with is actually starting to sound appealing.

Other than my efforts to enlighten and educate myself for the coming apocalypse, I also accomplished a few things around the house…

I tidied and purged my children’s book-case, my crafting book shelf, and my cookbook cupboard.  I also cleared out a bunch of old magazines and a few articles of clothing.

The children’s books all fit in one book-case again.

The sewing and craft books all fit on one shelf (crochet books not included)

Today’s purge pile of magazines, books and clothing

An hour or so after lunch, Maddie started acting all needy and neglected, so I HAD to sit on the couch with her for a while and cuddle/rest.

Then Mr T and Miss A came home and the pizza making began…

Taco pizza on a whole wheat thin crust (all handmade). Mmmmm.

And that’s about it.  Other than my unsuccessful search for some sort of eye drops to soothe my dust filled eyes.  Book shelves were very dusty … so itchy.

P.S. I still haven’t sewn the curtain.  But I did find the fabric and lay it out to remind me that it’s being neglected.

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  1. Stanley Rober

     /  June 1, 2012

    With all that recent practice, and your already high level of expertise in the field of organization, your skills would work wonders in my still cluttered garage.


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