Accidental Landscaping

Tonight I thought I’d just post pictures and video of my landscaping triumph….

A log, a stump, ferns and hostas (this is the scraggliest section)

A trough of red impatience provides contrast…

The big ostrich ferns were already there

The large rock ringed by small rocks marks the grave of a beloved pet (but I can’t remember which one – there’s been two birds, a hamster, a gerbil and some fish)

And now for the promised video…

Tomorrow’s plans include a massage (which will probably be painful), garden work in the front yard (oh my aching back) and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get started on that dang curtain.

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  1. Stanley Rober

     /  May 30, 2012

    Real nice Jennie. And now Grandma’s going to want to hold and cuddle Maddie. By the way, is that big tree still in the middle of the back yard? If you could sell that to a wooden boat builder, perhaps that could pay for the removal of the unwanted trees. You must know accurately what kind of an oak it is. That’s what they wanted to know the time I called someone. Also, with today’s benefits, you can send them pictures of the joints and branches coming from the trunks. Those are what are valuable for boat building.

  2. Jilly

     /  May 31, 2012

    It looks just basada Jennie-poo!

  3. Might I add that it’s actually 10 times more beautiful in real life.

  4. Love it!! Nice job Jennie!


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