Digging holes

Well, I should be good and sore tomorrow.

I didn’t actually get to those holes that I was going to dig last night.  But today I managed to convince my husband that the task would probably kill me and if he wanted me around a few more years, could he please please please dig the holes?  I’m moving the hostas and ferns from the front yard into the back yard, along the fence.  They used to live under the walnut tree, but now that it’s gone, they’re in full sun and a bit upset about that.

Anyhow, I only managed to divide (into three) and transfer one big hosta.  I already gave Mom a big hosta (which we also divided into three).  And I weeded a bunch along the back fence, too.  Gardening is seriously back-breaking work.  And when I see how much needs done, I get overwhelmed and a tad bit discouraged.  But I’ll just keep at it for a bit each day – not putting too much pressure on myself (or my aching back).

“Big Red ” (the super scary evil wheel barrow)

Maddie does NOT like our big red wheelbarrow.  A couple of days ago she barked at it frantically, practically giving herself a heart attack.  Today she just woofed at it menacingly a few times.  Hopefully she and Big Red can come to some sort of truce.

Besides weeding and tidying, the plan includes getting rid of the island flower bed in the front yard.  I’ll take some of what’s in there and transfer it; I just can’t keep up with it all.  The weeding alone will probably take me a couple of months.

And I also picked rhubarb.  Which I just remembered is still out on the lawn (and the rain is now coming down sideways – ugh).  I think I’ll make jam out of it.

And I tended to my sick girl who came home from school with a stomach bug.  Rice crackers, bananas and egg-drop soup seem to be staying down.

And I cleaned out a bunch of moldy food containers that the sick girl had stockpiled at school.  Gag.  Normally she’d have to clean them herself, but I decided to be nice … what with her being pukey and all.  Double gag.

And I read a bit.  I’m reading a Stephen King novel, Cell.  I don’t typically like horror … at all … unless there are zombies or aliens.  I’m having a bit of an obsession with zombies lately.  If you haven’t noticed … zombies are a bit of a cultural craze right now in literature and media.  I’m only comfortable with the kind of zombies that result from some catastrophic event that can be explained scientifically.  I don’t do any type of horror that has a spiritual or super-natural aspect to it.  A girl’s gotta draw the line somewhere.

And Mr. T and I went shopping at Costco and behaved ourselves quite well (unlike my Grandmother R. would have!)

And we’ll be eating leftover chili for the 4th night in a row … so I don’t have to worry about dinner.  Phew.

Transplanted hostas and ferns (photographed from the shelter of my back window)

Plans for the rest of the day:  Eat leftover chili (for the 4th day in a row), sew for a bit on my pantry curtain, read more about zombies.

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  1. I wanna come over and finish The Cell RIGHT NOW!


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